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Review: Hi-de-Hi!

This play sends the audience on a real trip down memory

Fan’s of the show were filled with nostalgia and those
who were new to Hi-de-Hi seemed to have a lot of fun
and giggles nevertheless.

We meet favourite characters from the TV show, firstly
there’s Gladys Pugh, played by Charlotte-Louise Newton who embodied the original role perfectly. From the lilting welsh accent to the sweeping walk and gestures, she
was a very convincing Gladys.

Then there was Jeffrey Fairbrother, the holiday camp entertainments manager, played by Julien Roberts with great comic skill and as quoted by an audience member, "his facial expressions can fill the room!" - I quite agree.

Scheming camp host Ted Bovis and camp comic Spike Dixon (Lloyd Hawkins and Daniel Mitchell) were also spot on and great to watch.

Any scenes which involved the Stuart Hargreaveses
(Liz Williams, Peter Lindley) were hilarious and expertly performed with great comic timing between the two.

I thought the famous Peggy, played enthusiastically
by Donnamarie Stamp had some lovely moments in
the play; funny and touching.

There were some great one liners expertly delivered
by Fred (Derek Green) and Mr Partridge (Barry Nicholls) and the two were really believable, and a cameo role played by Ted Williams provided a great scene which
had the audience around me in stitches.

Maxine Goldstone who played Hilary Bovis was quite fearsome as Ted’s ex-wife and the scenes between
the two received a lot of laughs.

The other yellow coats (Becky Ragdale, Alex Nicol,
Sarah Carter-Bowden, Leah Nicol, Tracey Stafford)
did a great job of giving the piece a real feel of the camp;
I loved how they would be all smiles and waves out of the staff room, and full of boredom and gossip inside.

There was plenty of audience participation with the audience expected to reply to every call of Hi-de-Hi
with the call of Ho-de-Ho – and they did so with gusto.
The audience were also part of the vote for 'Best Female Yellowcoat' and we all sang 'Goodnight Campers' at the end.

I, and the rest of the audience, enjoyed being an
important part of the show. I must mention the amazing costumes which paid tribute to the fantastic TV series;
they really were the icing on the cake of the piece.

Along with the wonderful songs of the 50’s, the clever lighting and staging, producer Frank Stamp has put on
a show which was funny, nostalgic and was performed
with enthusiasm and skill by the cast. Well done all!


Reviewed by Vicky Evans


The Decorator
by Donald Churchill

Fri 29th September to Fri 6th October 2017, 7:30pm

Marcia returns to her flat to find it has not been painted as she arranged. A part time painter who is filling in for an ill colleague is just beginning the work when the wife of the
man with whom Marcia is having an affair arrives to tell all
to Marcia's husband. Marcia hires the painter a part time
actor to impersonate her husband at the confrontation. Hilarity is piled upon hilarity as the painter, who takes his acting very seriously, portrays the absent husband. The wronged wife decides that the best revenge is to sleep
with Marcia's husband an ecstatic experience for them both. When Marcia learns that the painter/actor has slept with her rival, she demands the opportunity to show him what really good sex is

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2017-2018 Season

Retford Little Theatre is pleased to annouce our 77th
Season of plays will open with the farce The Decorator
by Donald Churchill, and will conclude with the acclaimed
play The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by Jim Cartwright.

The Matchmaker (Thornton Wilder), The Perfect Murder (Shaun McKenna) and Waylaid (David J Harrison) complete the season's line up.

Further details of all the plays in the 2017-18 season, including ticket information, can be found here.

The Season Brochure will be available for download here soon, but if you would like to complete the form on the Contact page, we'll post one to you as soon as it becomes available.