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Billy Liar
by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
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11th MAY - 19th MAY 2007 (339th PRODUCTION)

Billy Fisher is less than dedicated to his job as an undertaker's clerk.

Bored with his north country family background, he takes refuge in his own invented world; an energetic and hopelessly optimistic imagination makes life tolerable for
himself, but well-nigh intolerable for all around him.

Inventing an explanation for one situation he has created inevitably leads to more fabrication to get himself out of trouble, and so he becomes more and more entangled
in the web of lies he has woven around himself.

Throughout it all, he remains hopelessly optimistic.

Written before teenagers took over the world, and when real life started early,
Billy Liar is a timeless embodiment of the dreamer in every one of us.

Produced by Robert Warburton.



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