Readings to Cast Yes, Prime Minister

Readings for Yes Prime Minister will take place in the theatre lounge on Monday 27th and Thursday 30th November 2023 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. Anyone interested can attend either one or both of these readings.

Yes, Prime Minister is a comedy based on the TV revival in 2013.

It takes a satirical look at how the government deals with the Euro crisis and the supply of oil for the country, and it is set in one evening at Chequers when the PM is hosting a dinner for the Kumranistan Ambassador and how due to immoral requests and how to fulfil them the PM spirals into a meltdown.

It contains all the charm and comedy of the original series but was brought up to date by the writers.

The play is on at the end of March 2024 and rehearsals will start in January, full commitment will be required for rehearsals.

Characters are:

Sir Humphrey Appleby the cabinet secretary. Playing age mid forties to late sixties.
Bernard Woolley the Principal Private Secretary to the PM. Playing age mid forties to late fifties.
Jim Hacker the Prime Minister. Playing age early fifties to mid sixties.
Claire Sutton the Special Policy Advisor. Playing age mid forties to mid fifties.
The Kumranistan Ambassador. Playing age early forties to mid fifties.
Jeremy Burnham the Director General of the BBC. Playing age mid fifties to late sixties.
Simon Chester the BBC presenter. Playing age mid thirties to mid fifties.
Robin Simpson (voice only) BBC press officer.
Cameraman, non-speaking role.

If you are interested in reading for a part but are unable to attend either of the dates above please contact Lloyd on 07368 806046.